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Have you tried everything you know possible to move on and let go, and no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work?

As if the memories, the pain, the shock, the hurt and all the shattered dreams continuously haunt you?

Not only so, he becomes emotionless, and totally shows no interest in you, or your feelings at all. You might think to yourself, what could I have possibly done wrong? Commonly, perhaps these frequent cycles of mistreatment have left you wondering who you are, and if you will ever be the same?

Was it the conversation I initiated about our future together? As if the person you once were is nowhere to be found, and will she ever be?

Like I was, do find yourself constantly obsessing over what is happening, what went wrong, and how you can possibly make sense of all the madness? Perhaps you are now left wondering why your ‘perceived’ fairytale relationship went from being EVERYTHING you have ever hoped for, EVERYTHING you have ever dreamed of, to becoming a complete train wreck overnight?

Going from pure ecstasy, to pure mental torture over time?

Perhaps like MANY victims of Narcissistic Abuse, you are always doubting yourself?

Meaning, just when you finally think you are ready to move on, and you have accepted the fact that the relationship is no longer the same, and the cycles of abuse, the cycles of high’s, followed by MANY sudden low’s hurt too much…

Maybe out of fear that he will ‘once again’ break up with you, or he will threaten to end the relationship, or become less interested in you, you constantly find yourself walking on to KEEP him happy?

We thought we knew them, we thought we knew how to avoid them, and through experience, we thought we knew how to spot them..

Yes, women have grown wise to the games and tactics men can often play, and we have certainly learned the hard way to avoid being hurt by men who seemingly play with women’s emotions! Not all men who play with your emotions are narcissistic!

Maybe like I was, you are constantly left in a state of confusion.

Yes, you are constantly looking for answers in WHY he suddenly changed, and WHY his behavior towards you has become so painfully different?

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Maybe he uses silent treatment to punish and torture you, while avoiding and ignoring you at all costs.

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