Does intelligence matter dating tat3 online dating

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Does intelligence matter dating

Men use their drive, single-mindedness, goal oriented traits in both the boardroom and on the way to the bedroom. Their intelligence and creativity are used to entice and seduce the opposite sex. A woman who is driven, goal-oriented in dating comes off as desperate, pushy and aggressive.

We don’t feel tension when we feel certain or comfortable.Some women who are very driven, have found ways to compensate for this.They will seduce the man, then to create romantic tension artificially, they will create drama.While these are very attractive traits to a company seeking a new hire, these are actually very unattractive, counterproductive traits in a woman while dating.In the dance of dating for traditional, heterosexual men and women, the chase is part of the excitement and fuels the attraction.

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When we think of book smart intelligence, we also think of many of the traits that often accompany intelligence.

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