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The more sympathetic director of O*N*E, Val Cooper, now seems to have a free hand with regards to the mutant refugees.

Individuals within the X-Men had their own opinions on the matter, however.All of the New Warriors, the three villains accompanying Nitro, and over 600 civilians, among them 60 school children, were killed. Captain America (Steve Rogers) balked at leading a force to apprehend rogue heroes. The Secret Avengers apprehended a number of criminals while evading the opposing heroes and the new S. Most of the pro-registration heroes, such as Mister Fantastic, Doc Samson, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers), and Wonder Man, already had highly public identities.Numerous members of the superhero community arrived on the scene to search for survivors. The inactive New Warriors were widely regarded as "baby killers" by association. He felt that heroes needed to be above direct government control, because when politicians could control the heroes, they could decide who the villains were. Even Stark unmasked himself as Iron Man (for the second time in his career), and admitted to previous attempts to hide his identity.The Warriors were at the time the focus of a reality TV show, and although a number of them felt that the villains were out of their league, the network and others in the group thought it would be great for ratings. So, Cap's actions in that case were in self-defense. He gathered his own pro-registration heroes to bring in Captain America's group and other non-registered combatants.When Namorita attempted to capture Nitro, he used his explosive powers and destroyed several city blocks, including the elementary school at the epicenter. seemed to have assumed the brunt of enforcing the act under acting director Maria Hill. After his escape, Cap began organizing other anti-registration heroes into a group the press dubbed the "Secret Avengers." Most of his core group (Captain America, Hercules, Bill Foster, Luke Cage, Daredevil (Daniel Rand), Falcon, and Cable) had to take on a series of identities to avoid capture, literally becoming outlaws. Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards), with the help of Yellowjacket and Tony Stark, began work on designing a prison (nicknamed 42 because it was the forty-second idea on Tony's list of ways to improve the world) to detain superpowered violators.

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