Jennifer egan online dating

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Jennifer egan online dating

It was a big problem; the chapter is told in his voice!One day, on a crowded New York Subway, I saw a guy with reddish stubble talking to his friend.Jennifer Egan: When I first began the book, I didn't realize it was a book; I was trying to avoid working on a different book!So at first I thought it was just a single short story ("Found Objects," now the first chapter) about a woman, Sasha, who impulsively steals another woman's wallet while on a first date with someone she's met online. So I wrote a second story about the ex-boss, Bennie Salazar.I began traveling at 18, when I was taking a year off before starting college.

At that point I faced the fact that I wasn't going to write the other book; I was going to write this odd new book. Every chapter had to be technically different from all of the others; the mood, tone, and feel of the chapter had to be unique within the book. Each chapter had to stand completely on its own, and not require any of the others around it to make sense and be enjoyable.Also, writing about time nowadays means writing about technological change, and the music industry has of course been decimated by those changes.I guess I wanted to honor the rock and roll music industry's glorious past, and also use that as a lens through which to view the staggering changes technology has wrought on our culture.Punk rock-wise, I listened to the Sex Pistols, the Stranglers, Negative Trend...I don't listen to much of any of that now, though I do have some Who songs on my i Pod.

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JE: I listened to classic rock and roll, and punk rock.

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