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On the other hand, I am so rarely attracted to anyone that when I am, I owe it to myself to see where it leads.Only time will tell once I’m in a serious relationship how I feel about the religion aspect, but so far it’s a tertiary concern behind personality and attraction.” Too limiting “I’ve dated Jews and non-Jews.Haven’t found it “I don’t date Jews, and I haven’t in a long time.I was raised to be a strong, independent, capable woman.My rabbinical school made me sign a contract stating, ‘I will not date or marry a non-Jew.’ Now, since spirituality and a Shabbat practice are so much a part of my life, I would want to date someone who knows what that means and can participate fully in it.So maybe I wouldn’t want to date a non-practicing Jew in the same way I wouldn’t want to date a non-Jew.Also, when it comes to non-Jews, I could see myself with someone who is not white/not Jewish more than a white non-Jew.

I know matrilineal descent is the (practice) of the Western Judaism I primarily follow, but I intend to raise my kids Jewish (maybe alongside other things), whether their mother is or becomes Jewish or not.In fact, I find it exciting to date people who have different cultural backgrounds.Rhetoric that ‘It’s exhausting to have to explain all the time’ doesn’t ring true for me at all.” Time will tell “On the one hand, my parents always hammered it in that serious relationships between Jews and non-Jews never work out.At the end of the day, if it wasn’t a problem for Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon, who am I to make an issue of it?” Signed a contract “Growing up, I thought having to date only Jews was in some ways repressive and oppressive.

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