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Moden dating Vesthimmerlands

The turning point, the epiphany, was finally gaining access to an f MRI scanner.

These had been ruled out previously due to cost but a dogged researcher convinced the relevant people that scanning would prove useful and worth the cost.

Open the sidebar in Safari and there used to be 3 tabs. Here's how to subscribe and follow RSS feeds now that Safari can't.

This was Apple's name for RSS feeds and I find them very useful for monitoring the latest posts across multiple sites, mostly tech news, but you can follow any subject.

Samsung’s semiconductor business has grown rapidly in the last couple of years.

In 2017, Samsung dislodged Intel to become the world’s largest chipmaker, ending Intel’s 24-year-reign.

A poor diet can cause inflammation, which triggers oxidative stress and in turn damages collagen and DNA, making you look older.

Here are the top 10 food offenders to keep off your plate.Samsung’s billion capital expenditure dwarfed all public companies last year According to a piece in the WSJ, Samsung spent a total of billion last year to emerge as the biggest spender of all public limited companies last year.

We’re actually learning that poor nutrition is just as bad for your skin as cigarette smoking.More investments in component business A big chunk of Samsung’s capital expenditures went into building or expanding manufacturing facilities for semiconductors, displays, and other products, with Samsung trying to maintain the momentum it gained in the last couple of years.While Samsung’s consumer devices get most of the public attention and press coverage, it is the company’s component business that is adding heavily to the bottom line.It is extremely improbable that any privately held company spent more than that sum, which makes Samsung probably the biggest spender of all companies last year.The WSJ post states that Samsung’s spending is about 50% more than the next biggest spender, Petro China (~ billion).

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The token-based blockchain solution powering the app is something called Legal Things One, which uses "Live Contracts," which sounds like a less powerful, more user-friendly version of Ethereum's Smart Contracts if you're familiar with that.

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