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Mutharaiyar girls wanted

The great quality of these dravidian tribal sections is that they can accept all kinds of religious faiths in the world but they never forget their mother Goddess.

Mudiraja tribes became Hindus but they never stopped worshipping mother Goddess, the essence of tribal warrior religion.The resistance of some forest-based tribal communities to occupation of their forests also made them enemies of the state.In 1871, the colonial state passed the notorious Criminal Tribes Act to deal with these 'suspect' communities -- nomadic or forest-based -- and prepared a list of communities that were 'notified' under the Act as being 'criminal'.These were the people of wild, militant, ferocious and warrior in their character.They were basically soldiers, commandos, daredevils, suicide squad members, administrators, ministers, chiefs, chieftains, kings and also emperors.

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Even they could dare to commit crimes against their enemies.