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(Some critics think much more highly of Jarecki’s documentary than Toback’s underlying film.)After producing several other documentaries, Jarecki started thinking about the advice he had been so privileged to receive from all the filmmakers he had known.He sat down and wrote a script, which he sold quickly.Those films showed the gritty and real nature of the halls of power and family relations to many audiences for the first time.Jarecki seems determined to bring those kind of stories back, beginning with .The film captures New York high society at its pinnacle.

Courtney completed the look with simple peep-toe boots and accessorised with silver jewellery.But as is common in film, the project was eventually taken away from him.As a result, Jarecki went back to the drawing board.Jarecki is eager to cite the influences of Coppola—recalling his wonder at seeing for the first time–and Aristotle in the same thought. It’s really an instruction manual for aspiring filmmakers. He describes the classic example of a good man who is filled with hubris and he makes a tragic error.We like brother kills brothers, if it’s two strangers, who cares? The stakes are all so much higher.” have always inspired Jarecki.

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