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This doctrine holds that God is One, but that three distinct "persons" constitute the Godhead: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.The Trinity is taught indirectly in various biblical statements, and is formally defined in the Nicene Creed.This may in part be a response to increasing marginalisation of the institutionalised church from western governments.In the extreme, the 'underground church' meets when there is fear of persecution.Christian belief is formally set out in Christian Creeds.A less formal and broader summary of beliefs held by many evangelical Christians is as follows: Christian doctrine is a set of fundamental beliefs accepted as authoritative and true by the church. The most widely accepted creeds are the Apostles' Creed and particularly the Nicene Creed (which is accepted by Roman Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox churches).So we should distinguish between the permanent indwelling Spirit of a believer, and the moving of the same Spirit as He enables supernatural gifts in the church (1 Cor 12.4-11). What are its advantages for individuals and society in general? It is fundamental in the areas of sexual morality, raising children, human companionship and social cohesion.Here lies the source of power for the true church of today! Since God defined and institutionalised marriage, Christian marriage is potentially stronger than non-Christian marriage (Eccl 4.12).

Today some 33% of the world population call themselves 'Christian'.Jesus instituted the church - His church (Mat 16.18).It is a mix of people from all nations and races who have given their lives over to Jesus and who now live for Him.Truth - The Source Laws of Life Paths of Life Pluralism - Ways to God Entry to Heaven After Death - What?Israel Israel's Legal Borders Israel Goods Boycott The Palestinian Problem Political Correctness Reality - Verify the Bible Morality & Ethics Age of the Earth Biblical Dating of Earth Young Earth Creationism God's Amazing Design Dawkins God Delusion Atheism is Illogical Evolution - the Truth It's God's Weather Homosexuality Same-Sex Marriage A Hurting World - Suffering Religion Is Bad News Steps You Should Take Gifts For You Promises For You Christian Songs Seeking God Adam: real or symbolic?

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For example, when problems arise, believers can take them to the Lord in prayer.