Radiometric dating a christian perspective by dr roger c wiens

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Note also the turtle and crocodile models in the above picture.Variations on these were distributed throughout the grounds along with giant frog models and a few quite realistic Komodo dragon models.This reflects the YEC belief that the legends of dragons were inspired by dinosaurs that survived into the Middle Ages.Below we find the same theme scaled up to life size, with an armored knight on horseback charging, lance in hand, at a theropod (? Interestingly the small diorama that once appeared in Dinny is no longer there.At the end of the trail cul-de-sac, just before you get to Rex, there was a shack with a collection of toy dinosaurs, rocks and fossils just sort of dumped on shelves with some generic information alternating with creationist propaganda.Just past the fossil shack was the entrance to Rex and we’ll spend a little more time here as it is part of the original attraction created by Claude Bell (1897-1988), and this was actually the first time I had ever been inside Rex myself.There were also some mock cave paintings like the cave man caricature seen in the photo below, however these may predate the creationist takeover of the attraction.

Beside this impressive model was a more diminutive (8′-10′ tall) and dated one (note the tail dragging).

It is also of a and looks very similar to a famous life-sized T-rex model that the Sinclair Oil Company erected at the New York World’s Fair in (1964-1965).

The owners seem to have gotten some sort of bulk deal on several of the dinosaur models, as I believe I counted three or four of this particular one painted in slightly different ways scattered around the attraction.

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I bypassed the “museum” slash gift shop just past the ticket window and started on the self guided walk through dino-land.

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