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The British and Australian personnel had mostly been sent from Malaya and Singapore, after the Allied surrender there, whereas the KNIL soldiers and the Punjab Regiment had defended Borneo.

The civilian internees were mostly Dutch Roman Catholic priests, British civilians (including children), and British and Dutch Catholic nuns.

Life in the camp was harsh, with POWs and internees alike forced to endure food shortages, disease and sickness for which scant medicine was made available, forced labour, brutal treatment, and lack of adequate clothing and living quarters.

Of the approximately 2,000 British POWs held there, over two-thirds died during or as a result of their captivity.

Many spent time at transit or temporary camps, such as the one at Berhala Island, North Borneo, prior to their transfer to Batu Lintang. Tatsuji Suga (right) with Brigadier Thomas Eastick (left) and Lt.-Col. Suga was the commandant of all POW and internees’ camps in Borneo; there were others at Jesselton (later Kota Kinabalu), Sandakan and briefly on Labuan island and also at Tarakan, Banjarmasin and Kandangan; Suga was often absent from Batu Lintang as a result.

On liberation, the camp population was 2,024, of whom 1,392 were POWs, 395 were male civilian internees and 237 were civilian women and children.Most of the camp guards were Koreans, with a few Formosans (Taiwanese).There was a range of administrative buildings, quartermaster’s stores, guard houses, guards’ quarters and a camp hospital.Throughout its operation, all the camps at Batu Lintang, including the internee ones, were conducted under prisoner-of-war rules.The entire camp was surrounded by a 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) perimeter barbed wire fence.


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