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Sexual role playing online

1) Let’s pretend I’m in love with someone else, and want nothing to do with you in the morning because I hate myself for being rejected, and I just want to be fucked into mute comatose exhausted silence by someone who only sees me as an object.Let’s pretend you paid for my drinks, and I drank a lot.10) Let’s pretend we’re both actually on OKCupid to just make friends.When we think of role-playing in the bedroom, we automatically jump to Carry On-style sexy nurses, dirty doctors, or naughty teachers.You will have to wear a suit all the time, because the minute I see you in a polo shirt it will create a false sense of intimacy.8) Let’s pretend I think your band is good, even though you are spectacularly mediocre, and you can pretend to read my blog, even though you only did once.It turns out, the costume really helped me get into ‘character’.I loved the feel of a short skirt and a tight blouse. I even enjoyed watching men getting turned on when I brought out the clipboard.

You don’t need PVC costumes, elaborate sets, handmade props or Game Of Thrones dungeons.

6) Let’s pretend we only really want to fuck because I used to go out with your best friend, who you have always had a massive inferiority complex towards (or maybe you just want to know how all those particular sounds happened late at night when he and I were in the bedroom together) and we will hook up because you are selfish and I am bitter and turned on by betraying people horribly.

Then afterwards we can amuse ourselves by pretending to feel guilty.

We won’t sleep together, we’ll just hang out a lot in some sort of maybe we’re flirting, maybe we’re not ego-feeding haze, until we make out one night in the car and it gets awkward and we stop texting each other 15 times a day and maybe start hanging out with some other people.

9) Let’s pretend we really honestly like each other, but have no idea how to get a functional relationship started, because we both just usually go along with whoever is persistent enough.

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It can be quite daunting to take part in a role-play.