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Trenza de almudevar online dating

Located in northeastern Spain, the Aragonese autonomous community comprises three provinces (from north to south): Huesca, Zaragoza, and Teruel.Its capital is Zaragoza (also called Saragossa in English).The population density of the region is the second lowest in Spain after Castilla-La Mancha: only 26,8/km².Only four cities have a population of more than 20,000: Zaragoza 700,000, Huesca 50,000, Teruel 35,000, and Calatayud 20,000.Many beautiful mountain butterflies and flowers can be seen in the summer, while during winter the region is a paradise for skiers.The principal valleys in the mountains include those of Hecho, Canfranc, Tena, Benasque and others.Further south, the Ebro valley, irrigated by the river Ebro, is a rich and fertile agricultural area covered with vast fields of wheat, barley and other fruit and vegetable crops.

The oldest Romanesque cathedral in Spain is located in the medieval town of Jaca in the very northern part of Huesca Province.In the easternmost areas of Aragon, along the border with Catalonia, varieties of the Catalan language are spoken, including the comarcas of eastern Ribagorza, La Litera, Bajo Cinca, Bajo Aragón-Caspe, Bajo Aragón and Matarraña.The strip-shaped Catalan-speaking area in Aragon is often called La Franja.As of 2015 In addition to its three provinces, Aragon is subdivided into 33 comarcas or counties.All comarcas of Aragon have a rich geopolitical and cultural history from its pre-Roman, Celtic and Roman days, and four centuries of Islamic period as Marca Superior of Al-Andalus or kingdom (or taifa) of Saraqustah, and as lands that once belonged to the Frankish Marca Hispanica, counties that later formed the Kingdom of Aragon and eventually the empire or Crown of Aragon.

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Aragon is home to many rivers—most notably, the river Ebro, Spain's largest river in volume, which runs west-east across the entire region through the province of Zaragoza.

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