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Ver mon amour 2005 online dating

Vanilla and sensual amber gently embrace in the base. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier.This was my very first perfume given to me as a present. But OMG this was SOOO strong and i remember only needing a teeny weeny bit as it would stay on me all day.Anyway, I love the dry oil version because it's soft and wonderful to wear to bed or when I'm spending a night in cuddling with my SO, but I'll definitely test the perfume soon.Silly me, edp is the one with lace pattern, the one here on this page IS the edt.What makes Classique such a modern classic fragrance? Yes, Classique is very powdery, and vanilla-y, and I get the lovely hint of anise in it. I often think tag lines are kitschy and sure enough when I smelled this one I rolled my eyes internally because I do in fact agree that this is "a fragrance that promises pleasure". Good for going to bed with someone but also just good for going to bed.

I'm too fickle to have a signature scent but if I were to have one this would be it.The result is a perfectly balanced scent, with manny facets, that is cool, versatile, fun, sensual and unique. And that's why is still available almost 30 years since it's release. It was nowhere to be found on the department store shelves, only the EDP. For what it's worth, I love the scent of Dove soap, and I love orange blossom honey even more than I love regular honey, which is a lot. I thought for certain the scent might get on my new coat through my sleeve - no. I would definitely consider buying it if it weren't for this. Beautiful smell of fruit and flowers cinnamon and vanilla. When I spray her she is fresh and smell like orange and ylang flower also rose, orchid, and powdery iris. The dry down is a little bit of musk lots of amber and more powder. If a woman wears this you will know she wears this before you see her, its sillage is huge, it lasts lots of hours and for me it's only a fall/winter scent. On my skin it smells like "grape must" which I love to smell.I've been wanting to try this, I finally got my hands on this beautiful fragrance. This smells like french pastry, the one frosted with cream and has a cherry on top. Smells so unique although the white floral note reminds me a lot of Tendre Poison by Dior. So when the saleswoman asked if I was looking for anything... and from deep in the lowest drawer she produced the frosted Classique bottle. But beware: even though it's beautiful soft clouds, it's still sharp, and hyper-sweet. I had the impression it was a striking, loud scent. As it is I feel like Givenchy's Organza has a similar warm, powdery feel without sending me hunting for an epi-pen. The perfume is pretty strong and last a long time so maybe some would say it is for mature ladies but if you spray a little is soft and powdery and good for young girls. Perfume for a beautiful magical woman delicious gourmand feminine and sexy powdery and soft smell like a cake this was my wedding perfume first is smell very fruity. Tested this earlier today and i thought is georgeous.... Not like a typical beachy coconut scent, but more of like a creamy traditional sunscreen (this is just a small component of the scent though..beach isn't what this scent is all about).It doesn't agree with my skin at all, it's so faint yet a bit sharp and not very pleasant.But I just dabbed some on my hair, and I can't believe how nice it is, slightly powdery, clean smelling, softly sweet vanilla floral with a hint of something citrusy.

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That said, something about this absolutely makes it 100% work. A long-time fave of mine but the last couple of bottles I have purchased are just not the same anymore, something is missing, the heart of this scent the vanilla; anise ginger zing is gone and its just too powdery vanilla for me and has a metallic edge to it I just can't stomach anymore. Many bottles over the years and many good memories. Amber, orange, musk and plum mostly dominate each other, slowly each note goes out to guide, then together they form a masterpiece. This really is one of the longest lasting perfumes i have ever smelt. Happy I found a new fragrance that I can love for a lifetime. Good for woman who is confient and sexy and wears fashionable clothing like Gaultier or any label smells vintage and classic but not old like an old lady. Nonetheless I worked my way through bottle after bottle and always requested it for Christmas and birthdays, dousing myself in it on my way out to house parties and nightclubs. Will come back and edit with my thoughts after a few wears. EDIT: Okay, so I've been wearing this the past few weeks and it is still a love... I don't like smelling of butter, so unfortunately I just can't wear it. One that proudly wears a cherry red lipstick, black liquid eyeliner and black high heeled shoes. I do not have many opportunities to wear her, but when I do, it's with a cherry red lipstick. But I am disappointed for the fact that I reordered some this year and I noticed that the newer bottle doesn't have the same kick as my older one. I must comment on @fufuangeli who states she hates this frag because it reminds her of old people.. I'm so sick of seeing this remark among frangelica comments!

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