When does inuyasha and kagome start dating

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When does inuyasha and kagome start dating

So Kagome’s powers aren’t earned by her own merit and are often disregarded completely.

Kagome hardly ever gets to fight, even though she’s supposedly amazingly powerful.

Thus, there’s no real tension that exists in terms of where Kagome will end up.

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I decided to rewatch the series in part due to nostalgia and to see if I could let go of some of the more bitter feelings I had about the show’s progression and the development of the main character, Kagome Higurashi. It was the first anime that wasn’t heavily edited; it had Japanese names, blood that I could see, and a mythical element that I fell in love with.

Why doesn’t Sango or Miroku ever teach her basic defensive techniques? Kagome is suppose to be a pretty powerful priestess, but it we are more likely to see Kagome kidnapped by the demon-of-the-week than figure out how to save herself. Kagome’s mom and grandfather probably fully understand the immense amounts of danger Kagome is in everytime she travels to feudal Japan, considering she packs first aid kits, gets blood on her uniform on the regular, and has repeatedly cried over her love for Inu Yasha.

As she a protagonist, you’d think the show would take some time showcasing how Kagome learned how to shoot an arrow, or use her spiritual powers, or maybe take an active stance against being kidnapped. You’d think there’d be some tension there, with her family not wanting her to go to a place full of demons and things that want to kill their daughter/granddaughter. Kagome’s mother openly seems to support Kagome’s travels, or at least, we never hear her object or even acknowledge the danger Kagome is in.

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It’s as if she had no life before being forcibly thrust into a feudal fairy tale.