Why is the government mandating

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Why is the government mandating

He fought the administration, so the fence had until recently a 1.2-mile gap on his land.Border residents fought more than a third of all land transfers, in fact.

Private parties own the vast majority of the border in Texas, and for this reason, roughly 70 percent of the existing border fence is located in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The Bush administration bullied property owners, threatening to sue them if they did not "voluntarily" hand over the rights to their land. Thinking that they had no recourse, some people signed off, but others refused.The immigration reform never materialized, but fence construction was nearly complete by 2009, and there are now 617 total miles of physical barriers, 36 miles of which have two layers. They complained that there was no second layer in most places.They stewed that half the fence was just "vehicle barriers"—concrete posts that provide obstacles for drivers but not pedestrians.These barriers are mainly a combination of steel posts and bars supplemented in places with wire, ranging in height from 6 to 18 feet.Trump has been adamant that his wall will be built "ahead of schedule." For that to happen, he'll need to avoid the various legal issues that plagued earlier efforts.

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